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Journal of Applied Meteorological Science (bimonthly) is a comprehensive academic journal in atmospheric theory and relevant applied research. It mainly publishes research articles, reviews and newsletters in various relevant fields including application of new theory and technology, discussion and comments on the research trends, messages of important academic conferences, report on meteorological activities, book reviews, etc.


Section 1 Manuscript requirement

1) Manuscripts should have clear argument and concise wording. Abstracts should include for parts (objective, methods, results and conclusion). 3~8 keywords should be listed. The Chinese Pinyin of author names shall be attached. The full title, address and post codes of author’s affiliations should be listed both in Chinese and English. The Chinese abstract shall be in 200~400 Chinese characters, and the English abstract is about 500 words.

2) Figures shall be accurate, clear and well designed, placed in text. Physical quantities and units should be marked clearly. The Chinese and English figure headings and annotations shall be written below the figures. Three-line styles and bilingual headings shall be adopted for tables.

3) Manuscripts should be arranged in a single column and marked with page numbers and line numbers.

4) References should be listed with serial numbers. The format is as follows:


Authors. article title. journal title, year, volume (issue): page range.


Authors. book title. translator/editor. city: publishing house, year: page range.

5) Units of measurement shall comply with national regulations. Abolished units shall be converted into legal units of measurement.

6) Terms and norms should comply with guidelines issued by the National Natural Science Terminology Examination and Approval Committee. For foreign names and places, the original language shall be noted except for those commonly used.

7) Numbers and symbols in text must be clear and correct. For foreign letters and symbols that may cause confusion, the original language, capital or small letters, normal or italic font, superscript or other special fonts should be clearly noted.

8) The use of maps shall comply with national regulations, especially for drawing of boarders between countries.

9) For detailed format requirement, please refer to Manuscript Template at “Download” of this website.


Section 2 Submission instruction

1)     Manuscripts should be submitted online at Along with the manuscript, authors should provide supporting materials including Copyright Transfer and Authors Commitment, Authors Contribution Form and Statement of Competing Interests (Templates are at “Download” of this website).

2)     From the date of submission, authors will be informed of the review result within 6 months. Once the manuscript is accepted, an APC will be payable (200 Yuan/ thousand words). A remuneration shall be paid to authors as appropriate.

3)     All authors agree to transfer the right of reproduction, distribution, online dissemination, translation and compilation, of any language version, to the editorial office of Journal of Applied Meteorological Science worldwide. Permitted third party reuse of the articles published by the journal is defined by the following user license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

4)     This journal is included by CPVIP, CNKI and Wanfang Data. The remuneration paid by the journal covers the databases inclusion. Unless otherwise stated in advance, all submission shall be deemed as agreed to those databases inclusion.


Section 3 Contact information

Add: No.46, Zhongguancun South Street, Beijing 100081, China

Tel: +86-10-68407086, 68408638, 68409592




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